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Earthfolk are those who imagine the everlasting Living Earth as forever hearth and home.

The Living Earth is us. We are lively manifestations, presences of the Living Earth. We are its consciousness, its imagining: the Living Earth's passion.

The Living Earth is hearth and we the flaming breath of fire.

The Living Earth makes present our nurturing parents, Mother and Father.

We are full-flesh in blood and gasp birthed from the Living Earth: seed, flower, bloom, and fade. Most majestically are we imagined again, as such whole and precious.

Earthfolk are forever presences. As child are we now. As family are we through time. As Earthfolk are we everlastingly present. Everything which is: has been and will be.

Every person counts. Everyone is a Beloved: literally, symbolically and mystically.

We live in the Now as individuals. In History/Time as symbolic, ritualized beings. In eternity as the communal, mystical meWe of Family:Forever.


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