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B. Convictions
What is the range of your heartfelt actions? That is, what are you convictions? These are beliefs, actions, values, etc., for which you are willing to risk your life, even to the point of putting yourself in harm’s way and/or sacrificing your life. Here are some opening notions to stimulate your self-reflection.

o I am willing to die for my country.
o I am willing to kill others to protect my country.
o I am ready to protect my family, even at the cost of my own life.
o I would never lie.
o I would never lie in a situation where someone else might suffer physical harm.
o I would never intentionally harm someone.
o I would use violence for a just cause.

o No one has the right to tell me what to do.
o If I consider a law immoral, I will not comply, no matter what the risks or penalties.
o I would never knowingly break a law. I respect all legal authorities.
o I am prepared to lay down my life for my neighbor, in a perilous situation.
o I always seek counsel before making a significant moral decision.

o I see Others as my Intimate Enemy.
o I am comfortably at-home here on Earth.
o I would never intentionally pollute any aspect of the Earth.
o I would never take a life, not even support an abortion.
o No one is perfect. I strive to be non-judgmental about someone until they prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they are wrong, have erred or are immoral.

o God is watching me. I’m just human. I seek to comply, as best I can, with divine truths.
o The best we can do is determine what is best for all in any given situation of common concern.
o Every person is on a spiritual journey. There is nothing bad or evil about people, they just do bad or evil things. They can be healed and/or forgiven.

o It is stupid to do other than play it safe. Watch out for yourself and the rest of the world will be all the better for it.
o There is no such thing as the “Common Good.”
o I’m here to serve others, pure and simple. Life doesn’t make sense, but I can make sense out of Life!

o The best each of us can do is give and receive pleasure. Whenever I can, that is how I judge why I do something, that is, to obtain and give pleasure.
o It’s a fact, this “War between the Sexes”!
o As long as no one’s health is harmed, any high-risk or out-of-the-mainstream physical, sexual or psychological act is okay. Be healthy and play!
o When I am in a society with values other than my own, I comply with them. If something is legal there but not in my own society, that’s okay with me.
o Others:

C. Other questions
o What is your overall emotional feeling about life?

o Do you believe that there is such a thing as “communal feeling”? If so, does it impact your individual feelings and thoughts?

o What is your definition and description of “intimacy”?

o Have you ever felt “Precious”? and/or “Beloved”?

o Is there such a thing as “sexual morality”?

o In what situations do you or have you ever felt a) shame, b) embarrassment, c) pride, d) deep fear, e) upsetting confusion, f) deep happiness?

D. Your Specific Thoughts and Comments
o These are “notes to myself” as you explore the Earthfolk site.


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