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Who is Earthfolk's scribe?

Some people enjoy the meal in itself, others need to know the name of the chef and where she trained.

As is described in a more expansive personal reflection, this website started to be imagined in 2005 when I put together a university campus based effort whose objective was to promote a play about a turning point event in my youth. {2012: Also, Outlaw Theology}

The play, "Peace Crimes," is about young people confronting war time issues of the Selective Service System's draft. With seven others, in 1970, I raided draft boards—burgled, stole and destroyed 1-A files. I served time in federal prison. Now the current generation was facing several wars and entering a new world where enemy terrorists lurked behind every post. The issues we faced in 1970—quite unfortunately—were and remain relevant. However, the situation on campus had dramatically changed.

Simply, in the early 1970s there were mainly two social justice issues: civil rights and war resistance. In 2005, activist students were involved in more social justice causes than one could count. War and racism were still there but now a myriad of "movements" vied for the activist's attention and time. I remain profoundly moved by the deep commitment of today's youth for social justice and for the healing of the planet.

As I listened I realized that a pattern of ideas and images was emerging. They valued and honored the Earth in every way. They cared for people, of course, but saw that the people and the Earth are One. I realized that they were the heartfelt conscience and consciousness of the Living Earth.

I am an old guy. I was not only their grandfather but my white-hair and aging body truly made some of them consider me ancient—an ambualtory peripetetic historical footnote. Drawn by their passionate commitments, I wanted to contribute—play a part in support of their efforts. Being an old guy, I have a story. It might make for an interesting obituary column, but I thought I'd tried to wring some juice out of all my ripeness. The word "Earthfolk" had come to me decades ago, but only now did it begin to show me its Big Story. So, I began writing.

I realize that some need more descriptors. Born August 6, 1944 in Bayonne, NJ. Fourth child, third son of nine. German-Irish Roman Catholic. Seminarian. Novice monk. Lay Catholic theologian. College instructor. Conscientious Objector. Preacher and teacher. Draft board raider. Convicted as a "violent felon." Five year sentence, served 14 months in federal prison. Lost soul on a Dark Night's journey for ten years. Prison reform project director for four years. Back to doctoral studies in history and theology. Married. Two sons. Door to door encyclopedia salesman. Meteoric rise in sales management. Three decades in the three piece suit and wing-tips. High tech marketing. Divorced after 28 year marriage. "Peace Crimes" is written and produced. Retired. Small rural town in SW Wisconsin. Writing stuff.

On YouTube a "Minnesota 8"and a "Frank Kroncke" channel. Prison interview 2014.

Francis X. Kroncke


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