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"Big Story" refers to the Big Story that cultures tell that answer the basic Big Questions, such as, Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? How should I act? among others.

These Big Stories present the basic language and imagery that a people uses to make itself present, e.g., how it speaks of and imagines the stranger, the other, the alien. Or, how men view and relate to women. Or, how humans see themselves in respect to gods, divinities, etc.

Big Stories include myths, sagas, epics, hypotheses, theories, historical narratives, fables, worldviews and other literary forms. Also, ceremonies, performances, rituals, disciplines, practices, artifacts, songs, hymns, symbols, and other sensory devices and tools that express the key values (intellectual and emotional) of the Big Story, itself.

A Big Story has a story of origin that presents how an individual within a culture is to go about understanding and interpreting the world.

Earthfolk identify, analyze and interpret three Big Stories: Abrahamic, Scientism, and Secularism. All three are interconnected through their affirmation and expression of the Warrior's Quest vision.

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