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A. Big Story Questions—Here are key Big Story questions addressed and explored throughout this website. Jot down other questions which come to you as you use this worksheet.

1. Where do humans come from?
o Are humans created? “Created from nothing”? “Creatio ex nihilo.”
o Did whatever is “human” exist, always? Meaning, Is whatever makes humans “human” an integral part of some primary and eternal substance or energy or source?
o Is what is “human” a product or end-result or manifestation of a primary non-human process, e.g., did Life evolve or develop from non-living matter or elements?
o Is the human race a seed from an alien culture?
o Other:

2. How did humans get here?
o A Creator god created us.
o A creating force created us, e.g., evolution.
o A creating presence created us, e.g., Intelligent Design.
o Humans have always been “here” on Earth as part of the Living Earth.
o Other:

3. Where are humans going?
o To a heavenly place.
o To a higher plane of consciousness.
o Nowhere. “Life” just blips out!
o Nowhere human. We a part of the Eternal Return/Recurrence pattern of all Life.
o Nowhere. All Life and Earth will be destroyed. Entropy triumphs!
o Wherever we “consciously” choose to “imagine.”
o Back to a Mother Planet once the alien Mothership returns.
o Evolve into an integration of technology and biology, a new bio-tech life form.
o Other:

4. Why are humans on Earth?
o To serve a god who has a Plan for us. Humans are god’s stewards.
o To atone for an original offense, such as “Original Sin.” Fell out of Paradise.
o To achieve personal fulfillment, e.g., psychological integration, and be healthy.
o To unleash our interior powers, e.g., of higher consciousness.
o Humans are an “evolutionary epi-phenomenon,” and as such will eventually disappear as all species will. That is, humans are an evolutionary blip! on the cosmic radar screen.
o A question which cannot be answered?
o Other:

5. How are humans to act?
o Follow absolute moral code sourced in a Revelation.
o By guidelines of human Reason.
o In pursuit of Truth, as known through the scientific method.
o According to dictates of the survival of the fittest.
o Follow legal rules of a given, sovereign nation state.
o Whatever is necessary to achieve ecological balance and harmony.
o Whatever maximizes and optimizes achieving status of being “Number 1.”
o By determining what is the path to personal health.
o By balancing individual needs with social goods.
o By dictates of social justice, with a special focus on helping the less able and less fortunate.
o Other:

6. Why is there Evil in the world?
o There is an Evil god.
o The Benevolent god tests humans by tempting them.
o Humans brought it upon themselves by defying God. This is conveyed in the story about Eve and the Apple.
o Evil is merely the absence of Good. If we took time to reason matters through, and then acted upon their insights, we would prevent Evil.
o Individuals are Evil, not humanity. That is, “Immoral Man, Moral Society.”
o Individuals are Good, not humanity. That is, “Moral Man, Immoral Society.”
o Evil describes actions that logically follow from who you imagine Other people are. If you imagine them to be your Intimate Enemy, then many things they do are Evil.
o Evil normally results from collective stupidity, that is, the group cannot see what the individual can.
o Other:

7. How do you meet God or breakthrough to a higher consciousness or make present the divine (however you presently describe it)?
o I follow the religious rituals of my faith, e.g., meditate, attend Catholic Mass, go on retreats, etc.
o It’s up to God or the Divine. The timing and place is not of my choosing.
o I meet God in other people.
o I have a “personal relationship” with my God or Divinity, e.g., with Jesus Christ, Allah, or Great Mother.
o When I embrace others, together we make present a thirdness that I call God or spirit.
o I walk alone, wrestling with the light and the darkness.
o I walk with others. Our common struggle to create a peaceful, just and delightful life lifts me up.
o Other:

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