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The main change that seeded the Earthfolk vision is that over time the various counter-movements each developed a core theme or themes that wove through most of the other main movements. Earthfolk identify, describe, analyze and interpret four common themes that these counter-movements opposed and worked to change. We developed a vision of "Sensual Preciousness."

In reaction and response to these four common themes, woven through the anti-movements were four positive themes of:

1) confronting the Nuclear Age's deep cultural emotion of dreadful fear, and living in a nonviolent way that affirmed the preciousness of all human beings and life forms,

2) refusing to identify and name the Other as enemy, instead embracing the Other as family,

3) affirming and celebrating Earth as the Living presence of the Mother Goddess and/or the feminine, and bringing forth a life-affirming and loving presence of the Father God and/or a new masculinity,

4) rejecting the claimed "inevitability" of the self-fulfilling apocalyptic story of self-annihilation, and a commitment to simple living and building the Earth as one home for the one family of all people.

This site explores these four common themes—both negatives and positives—and describes the why and how of the Earthfolk vision of Sensual Preciousness that seeks to give a robust expression to the inspiring desire by so many to “live as if I am no one’s enemy” and so dwell peacefully and comfortably at-home here on the Living Earth.


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