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Do you want to—

  • understand why and how the
    greatest minds
    on the planet came to develop a
    they could not control and so right now
    every other living being and entity with potential annihilation?
  • grasp why and how all the major religious, spiritual, and visionary traditions did
    the creation and dropping of the Atomic Bomb?
  • gain insight into what the Atomic Bomb's vaporization
    of human beings means in terms of
    your "intimacy"
  • explore how you, individually and personally, can make present and use your
    intimate energy" to counter—and hopefully
    before more Atomic Bombs are dropped—the dreadful fear that continues to
    our human consciousness and heart?
  • creatively imagine and so make present a world where you, your loved ones, and
    all peoples on the Living Earth can dwell peacefully and comfortably at-home?

If so, Welcome!




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