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Key to the emergence of the Earthfolk vision of dwelling peacefully and comfortably at-home on the Living Earth is what happened on

—December 24, 1968—
when the first picture of Earth from outer space
was snapped by the Apollo 8 astronauts and for the
first time ever
humans saw their
the Living Earth, in the picture of

Never before had any person ever seen this picture of our home!
Spaceship Earth
The Blue Marble
Starship Earth

The image stirred the core depth of our imagination and set our hearts beating. Instinctively we uttered a primal, "Mother!" Imaginatively we were happily present at home. We knew ourselves as one Family. We felt ourselves embraced as beloveds within a Earthwide parental presence intimately precious. We delighted in being Earthfolk. (See, Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot")

Yet the Earthfolk were not then a "we" in the sense of being a conscious and organized group. Rather in the twenty-three years between August 6th and December 24th, the movement to militarize outer space dominated global consciousness and exerted a paralyzing grip on the political agendas of the major powers. The endless war continued to be waged as a "Cold War."




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