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Intimate Enemy.
It might seem strange that Earthfolk talk about
in the same breath with
nuclear war

Nuclear war seems so massively destructive that it's hard—without seeing as a sojourning alien—to discern what it has to do with an individual's intimacy. As we see it, nuclear warfare is all about intimacy.

Nuclear war is intimate warfare.

Consider that a sojourning alien looks around the Earth and sees wars everywhere. A study of human history, the rise and fall of civilizations, all are replete with chapters on wars—Endless War. When researched, the stories of origin of the major human cultures are grounded in accounts of primal violences: wars between gods, wars between gods and humans, and wars between humans.

Alien ears hear the language of violence used in every contemporary arena of human endeavor: politics of course but also as imagery for sports, business competition, religious missionary campaigns, and personal relationships ("war between the sexes"). It is striking to the sojourning alien that the

individual is constantly bombarded by
and images that make him/her feel like they are
someone's enemy—whether at work, in the classroom, at play,
at prayer, as a terrorist's target at anytime, anywhere, etc.

Everywhere, someone wants to overpower you. Beat you. Possess you. You live in constant fear of attack. (Today by robotic drones!)

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