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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Part 2 - Resources

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Pathway B—Seer: You seeks the roots of imaginations and belief systems.
At times you have to deeply understand before committing to a practice or personal testimony.
You benefit from heady stuff—philosophy, theology, comparative religions, systems analysis.

You pick up titles that address expansive topics such as,
The History of Consciousness or Spiral Dynamics or Systems Theory or which address
new thinking in an area, even fringe movements. You do not back away from
scholarly tomes and you wrestle with the often numbing words of
specialists just so that you can say that you have really thought an issue or matter through.

You are a Seer, which is a See-er, which actually is one who peers.
Peers at something or someone until the background or
shadow realities or truths set in relief emerge.

You know that life is more like an Escher painting or the amusements of
"trick of the eye" magical events:
"Now you see it. Now you don't!"

Your challenge is not to let yourself get bogged down so that
analysis becomes paralysis, rather, to know so that
you know what you do not know.
It is what you do not know that draws you forth and forward.

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