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Part 1 - Pathways


Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Part 2 - Resources

Table of Contents

Pathway A—Seeker
Table of Contents

Origins of the Earthfolk movement: our Living Earth Mother and Father
Earthfolk see and feel as if "sojourning aliens": how we humans feel dictates how we think

Vital zest: human nuclear intimate energy
Vital zest: creating with vital zest

Ritual living: personal and communal rituals

The Warrior's Quest vision
Warrior's Quest—Intimate Enemy

Earthfolk vision of living peacefully at-home on the Living Earth

Big Stories and you
Big Stories: Four Common themes
Big Story: Abrahamic tradition
Big Story: Scientism tradition
Big Story: Secularism tradition

Secularism: Rise of the Woman Warrior
The awesome triumph of the Warrior’s Quest vision
Is all lost?—Warrior's Quest and cultural PTSD
Is all lost?—anti-Warrior's Quest movements and PTSD

Ritual: Initial Ritual of the Age of Darkness—Secular special zones to
"imagine the unimaginable"—Oak Ridge and Los Alamos

Ritual: Initial Earthfolk Ritual of living peacefully and comfortably at-home on Earth

Ritual: Dreadful fear and re-imagining yourself
Ritual: "living as if I am no one's enemy
Ritual: creating your own Earthfolk zone



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