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Crucifix as icon of child abuse

As in the Garden so on Golgotha, the Abrahamic god’s abusive parenting is continued. Jesus’ death “satisfies” His Father for the offense of Adam. This is a really strange and weird theology—articulated most fully by St. Anselm—that comes to be the foundational soteriology of the Christian tradition, that is, its theory of salvation. It is a common denominator belief shared by most Christian sects.

The “Satisfaction theory” states that God the Father is “satisfied” by Jesus’ agony on the Cross. (Satisfaction is also accounted for in terms of a Divine Economy wherein Jesus pays Adam’s “debt.”)

The father-son relationship is the interpretive model for this Satisfaction theory of salvation. “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.” Matthew 17:5

Would anyone want to say that a sane, normal and loving father is satisfied in respect to how much his son is tortured and suffers the convulsions of crucifixion?

That at the base of the father-son relationship there is a primal equation of arithmetic justice? One that goes beyond a tit for a tat and plunges into the perversions of child abuse?

Meditating upon a Crucifix, isn’t there a place for the question:
What type of fatherhood is manifested here?

When pressed, Christian Abrahamics plug the phrase “divine mystery” into the gaping black hole which this question exposes. But, remember that Big Stories are primal and culturally primary communications.



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