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sacred sexuality

Part 1 - Pathways


Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Part 2 - Resources

Table of Contents


The three Big StoriesAbrahmaic, Scientism and Secular—express four shared themes. The Big Story

1) is sourced in an emotion of dreadful fear,
2) identifies and names the Other as Intimate Enemy,
3) seeks to annihilate the goddess and/or the feminine and
4) expresses its heartfelt values through a self-fulfilling apocalyptic story of self-annihilation.

These Big Stories vary in their narratives but each evokes the
basic heartfelt emotion, namely, of being
with and discomforted by living on Earth.
Each, in its own way, presents a
of intimacy wherein the individual—you—is an
Intimate Enemy

Unintentionally, these three Big Stories throw light on
the transformative power that can be manifested through acts of intimacy.
They have deeply negative views about intimacy
but, as is the dynamic between the Warrior's Quest and the Earthfolk vision,
what is their negative reveals an Earthfolk positive.


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