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How can I get my lover to become my Beloved?

There is no simple, formulaic answer. Your lover becomes your Beloved as you become their Beloved. Many people cringe at the word "worship" when it is applied to them. Although they have some sense of having the divine within—a soul or a spark or a flame or a light—they fear naming themselves as divine.

The Abrahamic culture has scared the divine life out of everyone with its dreadful and horrifying story of the Fall. Millennia of hearing that you are a sinner—"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" no less—makes it almost impossible for some to accept being a Beloved.

This gets very complex, to say the least. "Do you want to live forever?" is judged incomprehensible, even blasphemous, to Abrahamics: sacred and secular.

Living forever is a way of being in the world, right now. It is a way of imagining and so creating the world. While we have responsibilities to the Earth and one another, our main activity is playing. We are "homo ludens"—human's playing. Maybe that is a start—if you can play together (not compete in the sense of dominating), if you can truly laugh together, then ... well, there must be as many ways for all this to happen as there are lovers out there Intending and embracing as Beloveds.



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