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What is your specific meaning for the phrase "Sacred Sexuality"?

This phrase has its own curious play in the development of our Earthfolk understanding of sexuality and intimacy. In the early years of the Internet you could search on the phrase and get no hits. Today, you get an avalanche of sites. As the phrase began to appear it was mainly on sites that were introducing Hindu Tantra practices to Westerners.

As Tantra and Sacred Sexuality became more popular, they were co-opted by the pornography movement. Presently, you can search on "goddesses" and get escort and "sensual massage" sites that are more part of the sex worker and sex industry than about Eastern spirituality or Tantric practices. So, we moved towards our "sensual preciousness" language and imagery.

There is no widely accepted single meaning to the phrase "Sacred Sexuality." For many it simply means a heightened sense of sensuality. One that is aware of the needs of the female. One that is open to sexual ecstasy as meaning more than simple orgasm. A friend says that to most it means, "Marin County, hot tubs and Chardonnay." Another told of a meeting of "advanced" sexual explorers where it was overheard, "I don't want a relationship, but I'd like to have sacred sex with you." For us, this latter statement wobbles from ludicrous to plain outright stupid.

"Sacred Sexuality" as we have experienced it is a threatening experience. Not always peaceful. Orgasmic in a death-quaking way. Mind-boggling, yes, but also gut wrenching and a humbling—not a humiliating—experience.

In Genesis, the Sacred Sexuality of the Lone Male god is premised on the revelation that the body, soul, mind and spirit of humans is at its core sinful, depraved, fallen—in need of redemption. Life on earth is like parole where humans wait to begin truly living only in the afterlife. In short, humans are aliens to and on the Earth.

The Earthfolk mythos is grounded in the creatively imagining power of a sacred sexuality that we present as sensual preciousness. When you behold another as a Beloved—and are mutually so beheld—a nuclear intimate vital zest is released that makes whole and heals the communal human mind, heart and body.



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