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Part 1 - Pathways


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There is a mythic imbalance in the Warrior's Quest culture. This is the absolutely critical starting point, to grasp that the Warrior's Quest mythos is crippled, truncated—arguably not a mythos at all—for there is no sacral balance: no gods and goddesses, no Mother to Father Spirit. One fundamental revelation of this imbalanced mythos is that there is only one way to communicate with and gain the approval of the divine Lone Male. It is through rituals of bloodshed.

The Warrior's Quester is only fully alive when he/she is warring. Meaning is bestowed by the splatter of blood upon one's cheek spewed from the hacked flesh of the enemy. History and mythic story show that for some other warrior cultures, war does end. It ceases once the enemy is dispersed—flees or withdraws into a respected homeland.

Not so for the Biblical Warrior—for whom the Enemy is given no quarter, is relentlessly pursued because, scion of Joshua, everything the Enemy has must be possessed—everything and everyone. There is a compulsion to bloodlust—for the massacre as ritual. As Joshua records his genocide at Ai ... so is the template set. The Warrior's Quester's whoop is, Take no prisoners! ... And as the suicide bombers of today incarnate that curdling whoop, so are they faithful to the beliefs they share with their Abrahamic kin.

Can a mythic balance be restored? Is there a Peacemaker Big Story with which to counter and balance such a ferocious Warrior's Quest tale? A way of living with the Earth, never-ending?

Not within the Abrahamic (Secular, Scientism) tradition.

Yet we Earthfolk live at a moment of eager hope because you are here!

"When is enough, enough?" As you answer that, and begin to tell your story, so, in time, will a the Big Story of living peacefully and comfortably at-home on the Living Earth emerge.



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