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What have you got against warriors? Earthfolk seem to have lots of warrior energy!

Like discussing Sacred Sexuality, the topic of warrior energy is both difficult and tricky to answer. What do you hear when we say, "Nonviolence is a way of creatively imagining with your violence?"

For the Lone Male, the word "warrior" always means dominion, domination, brutality, and sexual violence. For the Lone Male, "We make war that we may live in peace." (Aristotle) And, "Peace is our profession." (America's Strategic Air Command: translation—"War is a peacemaking activity.") For us, this is all double-speak. As it stands in all extant patriarchal cultures, the word "warrior" clearly and distinctly conveys pre-emptive and predatory invasion and response.

What to do with the word? The Mankind Project retains the word and conducts a "New Warrior Training Adventure." They describe the "old warrior"—who is our predatory Lone Male warrior—and train men to understand and take steps to engage their male shadow. This is admirable work. Many Earthfolk males are New Warriors, and, at the right time, this is an invaluable experience for a man—of any age.

We prefer to rarely use the word, warrior. Our focus is on creative imagining, and the making present and manifest your and your Beloved's sensual preciousness. If you've read Pathway C closely, you now understand that engaging in an Earthfolk ritual is a daunting, challenging, transforming, dragon-shadow slaying, playful and artistic experience. Lots of strong, healthy, active, fierce, deeply passionate, hungering and celebratory energy in all that! Male and female energy. Not Lone Male nor Lone Female but Coupled energy, that of the Beloveds in a nurturing embrace. "A vision of coupled presence."

If anything, we experience the Lone Male warrior as a weakling. He or she dreadfully fears the Other as Intimate Enemy and uses nonhuman devices to makes present and manifest inhuman cruelties. In many ways, when a man or a woman undergoes training and becomes a warrior, they have transformed themselves into less than human entities. In light of the devastating power of modern weaponry, the "modern soldier" is hardly more than an extension of a weapon, not vice versa.

"Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war
than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living."
General Omar Bradley

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