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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Becoming sensually precious and “Big Stories”

Our Earthfolk invitation is for you to experience a new sense of intimacy, which is an experience of being sensually precious. If accepted, this is an invitation for you to transform yourself on the mental and spiritual planes, but, even more significantly, to refashion your physical body. Physically, you are invited to experience yourself, through rituals, in an uncommon precious sensuality.

To come to the place where this invitation to sensual preciousness can be distinctly heard, and where you have sufficient understanding to breakdown your current sense of intimacy so that you feel secure enough to risk experimenting with an Earthfolk ritual, requires that you understand your present sense of intimacy.

We Earthfolk hold that how you imagine what intimacy can mean, and
how you make yourself present during intimate moments, is
profoundly influenced by the Big Story you profess.

A Big Story provides Big Answers to life’s Big Questions.

We Earthfolk contrast our own Big Story to that of three globally dominant Big Stories, namely, the Abrahamic, the Secular and the Scientism Big Stories. As you are presently doing, so have we Earthfolk—it is important to note—lived within and professed during our lives the purported truths and values of the three Big Stories which are the dominant cultural forces in the current globalization movement.

Whichever Big Story or Stories grounds your present sense of intimacy, what we invite you to explore is the insight that
each Big Story is primarily concerned with
explaining what intimacy is and how to express it.

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