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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Big Stories are about Interiority and Intimacy

The concepts of interiority and intimacy are the primary and defining concepts of a Big Story. This is one of Earthfolk’s key interpretive claims. Namely, that how you understand the concept of your interiority, e.g., of your self or ego or person, determines how you understand and value your intimacy.

Your intimacy is discovered, notably, only when you are in relationship.

Interiority is an individual’s self-awareness, her/his self-identity.
Intimacy can only occur when two share their interiorities in such a way that
each experiences their own preciousness as they embrace as a Beloved.

Earthfolk use the imagery of two candles merging their flames to form a third which is a oneness of a couple who then become, as they move apart, separate identities, again. For Earthfolk, intimacy cannot be experienced alone. It is a communal presence.

The Big Stories exist to enable you to
form your interior identity and to
experience a defined range of intimacy.



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