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If you’ve walked Pathway A and/or B, you understand that the Earthfolk vision and imagination is anchored in practices of ritual living. A key Earthfolk insight is that the Warrior’s Quest vision weaves through and connects the three dominant Big Stories (Abrahamic, Scientism, Secularism). They are interconnected by four themes: 1) living in dreadful fear, 2) identifying the Other as Intimate Enemy, 3) annihilation of the feminine, and 4) a self-fulfilling apocalyptic story of self-annihilation.

Living in dreadful fear is the emotion that grounds the other three themes. It is so deeply embedded in the communal global psyche imagined by the three Big Stories that an individual is often quite unaware of how he or she makes this dreadful fear manifest through their every-day and personal, intimate actions. To both get in touch with this dreadful fear and to begin to transform it requires practicing the Earthfolk ritual of “living as if I am no one’s enemy.”

—A word of advice and concern—

If you’ve ever challenged a basic belief or value of the Warrior’s Quest vision and imagination, you know how savage can be the response. The Warrior Quester cannot imagine his/her own dark side, what is often called the shadow side. They cannot see their shadow either in respect to their cultural values nor their personal beliefs and actions.

For example, if you practice nonviolent civil disobedience then you need to be prepared to be verbally abused, possibly physically beaten, handcuffed, jailed or imprisoned. Violence to the Warrior Quester is like gravity—they see it as a metaphysical given of the universe.



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