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Intending to Comfort

Intending to Comfort is the act of consciously intending to evoke the sensually delightful presence of comforting and of being comforted.

To arrive here, you must sincerely affirm with all your senses that you are all and everything which all Creation, from the forever, has struggled to and has playfully created. It is letting rise from within your heart the ecstatic joy of just being here, today, right now, this instant. This letting and this rising is also the response you make as you turn towards your beloved and embrace. You each approach the Other with a welcoming attitude, inviting one another to be at-home, comfortably, right now in the presence of each other’s preciousness and nurturing embrace.

Intending to Comfort is a starting point practice because the Abrahamic Lone Male tradition starts with "Intending to Abuse" wherein it is proclaimed that you are worthless, a miserable sinner, worthy only of banishment and being cursed. This is especially true if you are female. In one Abrahamic religious tradition it is a morning Men’s Prayer to rejoice, “Lord, I thank thee that I was not born a woman!” Intending to Comfort evokes the opposite images and feelings towards the Other. Each is happy that the Other is precious and here right now.

Intending to Comfort involves your waking each day and opening yourself to be comforted by and to comfort all Others. All Others are intimate and precious, and able to be made present from within the nurturing embrace with a beloved.



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