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Table of Contents


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Sensual preciousness: a declaration

Precious Otherness and Belovedness

The vision of sensual preciousness beholds the Other as beloved. Its practice is that of “living as if I am no one’s Enemy.” Its ritual act is the nurturing embrace of the beloveds which makes present that which is the source for personal, communal and Earthly transformation, namely, the vital zest of “nuclear intimate energy.” It is fully manifested through the presence of the Forever-Family.

Core to sensual preciousness is the concept and ritual practice of “sensual immersion.” Sensual immersion is the necessary first step towards making present the preciousness of one’s self and the Other as beloved. Sensual preciousness rituals are fully drenched in delight.

Sensual immersion involves one or all five senses, and, critically, “sensual” is defined and experienced as a term of relationship, as sourced in the embrace of the precious Other. Sensual denotes a communal sensation.

You and the Other are sensually immersed as you
nurture each other’s preciousness. This occurs
within the
nurturing embrace of the beloveds.

While one can sense without being sensed, being sensually immersed describes a coupled act of mutual sensing wherein a new personal presence is made manifest as two Others effect and share a fuller Oneness.




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