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Intending to Dream

Intending the Obliterated Womb is also a practice of dreaming. It was as Adam slumbered—notably, alone—and through his dreaming that the Womb was Obliterated. Dreaming, then, is where you must “go” to discover, to discern as Adam did and intend to dream Her, Mother and so counter his Warrior's Quest dream.

Here is a difficulty and great hurdle for most Intenders—dreaming as a
coupled experience
, as an intentional act of the beloveds.

One of the most profound ways that we all continue to make present the Warrior's Quest vision and imagination is by sleeping alone and without intention. Even when we sleep in the same bed with another, we enter dreaming as if we were separated from our beloved.

Earthfolk beloveds do not cease creatively imagining as we slumber. Rather, Intending couples us as dreamers. We ritualize the moment of conscious moonrise departure and set intimate images and stories loose to map our way back to sunrise kiss and embrace. That is, we discuss what we Intend to Dream together.

We lie down in slumbering embrace intent upon slipping into the dream state with an openness to dream the dark, the shadow world, the dark vision, together. For beloveds, dreaming is remembering and re-experiencing the physical and fully sensate life we shared with Her while in our Mother’s Womb.

Intending to Dream is the most difficult practice for those bound to the Secular and Scientism Big Stories. For them, sleeping is an “off” switch state where nothing of great importance happens. Remembering dreams is of scant significance. For them humans are not to waste their time dreaming dreams, either at night or during the day.

Earthfolk’s dreaming is intentionally not dying to one’s preciousness and intimate presence—as does the Warrior's Quester—when we lay down to sleep.




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