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How deeply embedded is dreadful fear?

If the atomic bomb had not been creatively imagined, produced and dropped just a bit over half a century ago, then an argument might be tenable that we Earthfolk are over-reacting to the simple fact that humans have been at war as far as they can remember.

But the atom bomb was dropped. We did creatively imagine it. Produce it. Vaporized members of our own human family. Turned what it means to be human into our being "shadow people." Created a weapon we cannot control, and so imbued the human psyche with a dreadful fear of the Other.

When the primal and seminal origin story of Genesis is explored, it is clear that the exiled, motherless children Adam and Eve were condemned to live on Earth in dreadful fear. In the Christian tradition the psychic depth of this fear was described as an "original sin." It meant, among many things, that

human experience is a realization of being
, betrayed, condemned,
, cursed, cast out and living in dreadful fear. That
we humans have always been living in
apocalyptic moment

Life as the motherless children knew it—living peacefully and comfortably at-home in the Garden of Eden: "paradise"—was totally and violently taken away from them. It was a cataclysmic event that induced in the motherless children all the characteristics of post-traumatic stress typically suffered by war refugees.



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