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Practice of Intending

The practice of Intending is a consciously chosen way to approach an Other through inviting him/her into your intimacy. Earthfolk live an intentional life. Every day opens and closes with acts of intending. Through these acts the depths of the preciousness of the Other, realized through engaging all their senses, is approached, as are your own depths.

Intending is being consciously intentional+plus. The plus is the orientation of yourself towards your precious Other, your Beloved. Intending is a conscious act but it is not simply one of thinking. It is a bit more like perpetual meditation on your beloved. When you Intend, every other person becomes an expression of your beloved. In the presence of every man, you sense your beloved. In the presence of every woman, you sense your beloved.

As you observe the movements of Others so do you sense the fullness which your beloved has endowed you with through her/his Intending with you at this same moment.

Intending is a coupled act of sustained intimacy.

It is a step beyond awareness—just thinking about your beloved—it is a practice of openness that sustains the nurturing embrace when you are physically separated.

Intending is making present the immortality we humans share when we
in the nurturing embrace because it is how we
time, that is, it is how we are one in
communion with an Other when
in immediate physical or communicative proximity.



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