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Intending Memory and Remembering

Remembering is not just a wistful act of sentimentality. Rather, it is a centering act of sensual immersion wherein your whole body, every sense, is tuned to your presence in the Now with your sensing yourself as one with all who have preceded you.

Remembering is a relational act, wherein you open yourself to relate to the Past and the Future in a robust Now. Remembering is the act of making yourself, through relationship with your beloved, present as Forever-Family.

Remembering is another answer to, “Why are we together?” This is a Big Question which, as Earthfolk, you pose to your beloved, each day. Part of the Big Answer is—to remember all of one’s own specific family and all of the Forever-Family, thus making present all who have ever lived, right here in the Now.

Remembering is the honoring of the dreams of your ancestors which have found their presence in you.

As you look upon your beloved it is the honoring of the dream of your coupled living as it brings other presences here onto the Living Earth, in flesh and spirit. For many, decorating their living space with genealogical pictures assists them in this practice.




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