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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Part 2 - Resources

Table of Contents


Dreadful fear and re-imagining yourself

Okay, you might say, "I understand…but I don’t feel that way." Question: If the Mushroom Cloud does not “scare you to death” and make you “jump out of your skin,” than what will?

How, then, can you feel as Earthfolk feel? First, you really have to come to grips with the Mushroom Cloud and militarized Spaceship Earth. Look at these icons: Mushroom Cloud ... Spaceship Earth. Really look, peer, meditate—they are visions of present reality. Anything else you are looking at—flags, crucifixes, sacred figurines, photos of precious men and women—are nothing, nada, "forget about it!" These icons bookend the reality you are living in. Get a grip and sit with them for a while.

Facing the Warrior's Quest reality is not easy. It requires
on understanding how and why you have come to feel so
deeply dread-filled
—what, ultimately Earthfolk conclude, has you
traumatically stressed
But wait!
You don't feel that way, right? You're happily
snuggled inside
the cocoon of one of the three Big Stories.

Can you deal with the fact that you might be psychically numbed? That the Warrior's Quest has you believing that this Age of Darkness is a New Age of Light!

To get to that point where you can begin to feel like an Earthfolk requires walking all the way down Pathway A—Seeker or Pathway B—Seer.

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