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Part 1 - Pathways


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Ritual living. This is possibly the most difficult hurdle to initially get over, even for many Earthfolk. Most of us do not think that we are living a ritualized lifestyle. It is critical, however, that you discern and grasp how you are presently acting out rituals of the Warrior’s Quest. For example, how you have been participating in the ritual that enabled the imagining and actual production and dropping of the Atomic Bomb—and how you continue to make present the Warrior’s Quest vision.

The ritual of imagining, creating and dropping the Atom Bomb?
Yes, you.

When Earthfolk awoke, we saw clearly how the iconic image of the Mushroom Cloud gave rise to the image of a militarized Spaceship Earth. The two are intrinsically linked. Once the Warrior Quester had the Bomb, he needed to necklace the Earth with satellite based atomic bombing capacity. Yet, within a heartbeat, we also felt deeply moved—by a radically different emotions—by the presence of Spaceship Earth as our Mother, the Living Earth. As sojourning aliens we sensed that something very profound had happened equally to the Warrior Quester and to ourselves. The only way this began to make some sense was by coming to understand both of these new experiences as the result of a history-making cultural transformation. Simply, both the Warrior Quester and we Earthfolk began to see and sense the world in profoundly different and starkly contrasting ways.

From our experiences with personal rituals and with ceremonial religious rituals, we sensed that something ritualistic, something on a vast, possibly cosmic scale had occurred.

Having been raised within the Warrior's Quest vision and imagination, we readily grasped that the dropping of the Atomic Bomb was the fulfillment of the Warrior's Quest dream of an apocalyptic end to the Earth. On its own terms, the Warrior's Quest vision was imagined and actually ritually materialized as the Atom Bomb.

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