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Part 1 - Pathways


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Scientism Big Story. While the general Warrior’s Quest characteristics of the Biblical Abrahamic tradition are familiar to many, those of the Scientism and Secular Big Stories are not as readily apparent or acknowledged. Both Scientism and Secularism are, historically, relatively new Big Stories. Since both also reject the Abrahamic’s way of creatively imagining, that is, telling mythic stories—such as a god creating the world in seven days—many Scientismists and Secularists do not observe and/or acknowledge their connections with the Abrahamic tradition.

In brief, while a Scientismist, for example, may reject the imagery and language of a story, e.g., the Rib, he may continue to express the vision and values that underlie that story. Earthfolk see Scientism and Secularism as pathways on a mobius strip—where a twist in the strip makes present pathways that seem separate but are actually still part of the integral strip.

What concerns Earthfolk is the role each of the three Big Stories played in the
of the atomic bomb.
one Big Story had actively opposed the development of the bomb,
then there might be some cause to consider that it was independent of the others. But,
historically, that did not happen.

As essentially Western culture's Big Stories, Scientism and Secularism evolved out of the Abrahamic. Yet there is an ongoing debate about their exact definitions.



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