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4. Expresses its heartfelt values through a self-fulfilling apocalyptic story of self-annihilation.

The dark side of Scientific/Scientism curiosity and skepticism, is, once again, dreadful fear. But fearful of what?

Q: What power is so numinous and awesome
that it could only be eradicated by nuclear bombs?

A: Human intimacy. The energy Earthfolk call
vital zest.

Earthfolk reason backwards as they look at the apocalyptic icons of the Mushroom Cloud and Starship Earth and ask, “What type of thinking and feeling produced these icons?”

When its history is examined and evaluated, what science has produced is arguably negligible in terms of human value. Its boasting about “progress” is more than a bit of self-serving, navel-gazing, self-congratulation. After all, in a tweaking of the phrase, scientists have no objective standards to judge this alleged progress other than the ones that scientists, themselves, self-define.

To sojourning alien eyes, the creation and exploding of the atomic bomb
casts doubt over any positive assessment as to the
and usefulness of the historically brief scientific tradition.

Nuclear bombs and weaponry are a difference in kind, not just in degree. Every other scientific discovery pales in comparison. The nuclear bomb so ominously overshadows every other scientific achievement that all are devalued in comparison—re-ranked as trivial events.



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