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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Earthfolk rituals of living peacefully and comfortably on the Living Earth and as sensually precious.

Everything on Pathway A—Seeker and Pathway B—Seer is intended to lead you to consider engaging an Earthfolk ritual practice.

Everything that the Warrior's Quest presents through its three Big Stories (Abrahamic, Scientism, Secular) clarify why Earthfolk reject those Big Stories and instead present the vision of living peacefully at-home on the Living Earth. What is a Warrior’s Quest negative reveals an Earthfolk positive.

In this vein, the four themes that anchor the Warrior’s Quest Big Stories become negative starting points for developing Earthfolk’s vision and practices. Positively, living peacefully and comfortably at-home on the Living Earth and as sensually precious re-words and re-imagines the four themes, and seeks to develops a set of practices that

  • is sourced in the emotion of being comfortably at-home on the Living Earth,
  • identifies and names the Other as precious and beloved,
  • seeks to make present the goddess and the feminine so that from within
  • the heartfelt action of a nurturing embrace
    the precious vital zest of the beloveds is manifested and so
    heals, makes whole and precious the Living Earth.

    Clearly, the Earthfolk vision, especially of living as sensually precious, is all that the Warrior’s Quest is not. Right from the start, in the Abrahamic Garden of Eden, all that is sensual and embracing—Adam and Eve coupling— all that is fully human—male and female, God and Goddess— is denied, cursed and cast out.

    In stark contrast, for Earthfolk:
    The Living Earth is us.
    We are lively manifestations, presences of the Living Earth.
    We are its consciousness, its imagining: Living Earth's passion.
    The Living Earth is hearth and we the flaming breath of fire.
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