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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Creating your own Earthfolk Zone

But here are a few suggestions. As when the military constructed special, secret zones for their
secular ritual
of imagining and producing the atomic bomb, so should you
your own
private Earthfolk zone
and making present yourself and your Beloved as sensually precious.

Make a personal safe space for yourself, set some boundaries by sitting on a small rug or making a border with candles or whatnot. Find and place where you can clearly see them, the two icons of the Warrior's Quest: Mushroom Cloud and Starship Earth. Then, imagine yourself sitting within an elliptical zone. For awhile, do this by yourself before inviting someone into the zone.

Inside this zone there is another focal point—it is the you that the Warrior’s Quest wants to obliterate, that is, your goddess/feminine self. This is equally so for men and women. Remember, to be fully human we need our male and female presences to mingle, like the two candle flames merging and making a third presence that is One. As an aid, place something on that focal point, like a candle or even a picture of yourself. Just something that reminds you that you are not yet fully present to yourself.

At the start you confront mainly a psychological challenge wherein your need to settle down, become mindful of yourself, and make an effort to control your thoughts and emotions. Warrior’s Quest thoughts and images will plague you, simply because this practice puts you in direct contact with the Living Earth which is presently dominated by Warrior’s Quest vision, male shadow energy, and apocalyptic feelings.

Time is not as important as is the effort. Five, ten minutes, an hour: it’s all the same. As you sit there, much like in a meditation or guided visualization, focus on the icons and let them stir up dreadful fear. {Note: If you have suffered personal abuse or are being professionally treated for stress, you can skip this exercise.}

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