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Part 1 - Pathways


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Sojourning aliens

When the Apollo 8 astronauts turned to see the
Earth as it had never been seen before—as a Blue Marble,
as a whole living planet, as Starship Earth,
as just one place with one human family
so was born Earthfolk’s peculiar way of seeing as a sojourning alien.

Like the astronauts upon their return, the experience of being an alien sojourner is dizzying. When the first human stepped on the moon, Did he see himself as a Moonman or an Earthman? The lunar astronauts returned being a bit of both. Their imagination was split in a way no other humans had ever experienced.

They left an Earth mired in a Cold War, whose dominant global imagination was
imprisoned in the image of the atomic Mushroom Cloud of nuclear and total war.
They returned with the image of Starship Earth etched in their imagination.

They returned as the first sojourning aliens, though for most of them such was and remains unimaginable.

Earthfolk approach seeing the planet Earth as would
from outer space. You arrive on Earth
as an Earth person. Rather you are a sojourning alien who sees with
sojourning alien eyes, that is,

as if arriving from the outer space of imagining. You are from the outside,
a stranger in a strange land, one who sees and constantly questions
Why? What? When? Where?
You look at everything
as if
seeing it for the first time.

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