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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Vital Zest. A key and profound Earthfolk discovery is that the only power which can counter Endless Warring and atomic nuclear power is the vital zest made present when humans intimately embrace as Beloveds.

Earthfolk—as we contemplated the dreadful fear which peering at the image of the Atomic Bomb’s Mushroom Cloud chillingly evoked—were paralyzed by the terror of impending nuclear self-annihilation. Astoundingly, at this moment we broke-through to an experience of the "nuclear" power of intimacy.

We discovered the Other—you—as precious. We discovered that
embracing you—the Other—as precious released an
nuclear intimate energy

as physical, quantitative and powerful
as the Atomic Bomb’s nuclear energy.

Earthfolk call this nuclear intimate energy, vital zest.

As this vital zest is shared within a respectful intimate embrace it makes manifest
the presence of your—the Other’s—preciousness.
This is the presence of the Other as known
as each shares their preciousness. It is a
presence evoked in a moment of transformation, that is,
as intimacy opens to Belovedness

At such a moment, the Other is not Intimate Enemy but a beloved.



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