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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Warrior's Quest describes a vision and a set of spiritual practices. Earthfolk awoke at a moment of transformation, which typically involves a break-down and a breakthrough.

All of a sudden, we clearly saw how we had been raised, educated and spiritually advised to live according to this Warrior's Quest vision and spiritual practices.

We were forced to confront how each of us had pledged allegiance and bowed our heads and bent our knees in adoration of its god and faith. It was a moment of life-changing challenge where we had to acknowledge and take responsibility for how we had lived out in our lives this Warrior's Quest.

It moved many to painfully shed a lifestyle earned after a successful career or to leave a career in progress or begin to live in such a way that family members and loved ones expressed indifference to hostility towards their transformation.

The Warrior's Quest imagination is deeply embedded in the individiual and communal psyche of most people. The breakthrough to Earthfolk imagining did—and you should anticipate will—exact a certain amount of suffering.

The Warrior's Quest is a vision
that has come to be the way through which
almost every religious, theological or spiritual tradition
(East and West)
has interpreted and molded itself.

(Warrior's Quest Abrahamic male gods images.)

While in these traditions there are stories, practices, rituals and values expressed that mirror aspects of the Earthfolk vision, practices and values, these are but minor, subordinated or tolerated stories, practices, etc., within the dominant Warrior's Quest tradition. For example, despite Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, nonviolence is not the dominant Christian practice. Likewise, despite the Buddhist concept of karma and the call to do the least harm, it is not a predominantly ecological or green movement. Hinduism's pantheon is replete with goddesses but it is as mired in and expressed through patriarchal imaginings as other major religions.



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