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Anti-Warrior's Quest movements. Within the Warrior’s Quest vision there have been those who reject or dissent from its four themes. They often do so at a risk to their own life through being executed as heretics or sent to prison for refusing to fight in wars. There is a long list of those who would claim that they live an anti-Warrior’s Quest life. Within the Abrahamic Big Story there is the over-arching theme of the Jewish people, themselves, resisting illegitimate authority. Christianity’s Jesus is held up as a nonviolent Jew, and for many his life is evidence of a pacifistic faith. In Islam there is Badshah (Abdul Ghaffar Khan). The list goes on.

These dissenters participate within a diverse range of “anti-movements” that have arisen down through the millennia and which have professed seemingly non-Warrior’s Quest visions and values. The movement of nonviolence is the most obvious anti-movement. Its proponents can cite the life and work of someone from just about every major religious tradition and Big Story as opposing the Warrior’s Quest vision.

Yet, Earthfolk note that the
“nonviolent warrior” also suffers from these
PTSD symptoms.

Sad to say, as a sojourning alien observes, “somehow” these anti-movements have not caused the Warrior’s Quest believers to pause for a nanosecond or to blink. Gandhi’s movement chased the British out of India but it did not fundamentally change Hindus into pacifists. Likewise, Martin Luther King opposed the American military juggernaut …was murdered…Did Christians or the black community convert to pacifism? Popes and America’s Catholic bishops have issued numerous encyclicals condemning total warfare, but is Roman Catholicism preaching nonviolence from its pulpits?

The “somehow” is evident to Earthfolk.
Even the pacifistic faiths and anti-movements are
equally reliving the trauma at the heart of the Warrior’s Quest vision, namely, the
traumatic acts that express the four common themes.

They fail at transforming the Warrior’s Quest vision because they do not thoroughly understand that vision and how all its themes weave together. They fail to grasp and gain insight into the ritual character of the Manhattan Project as it imagined and produced the atomic bomb—and so fail to realize the need to counter by ritual living.



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