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We Earthfolk observe that this dreadful fear and endless warring is the emotional ground of the three globally dominant Big Stories which provide Big Answers to Life’s Big Questions. These are the Religious (Abrahamic), the Secular and the Scientism Big Stories. These three Big Stories vary in their narratives but each evokes the same basic feeling, namely, of being uncomfortable with and discomforted by living on Earth. They share, at their core, a vision of the Warrior’s Quest which sees the Other as Intimate Enemy.

In complete and utter contrast, the Earthfolk Big Story’s vision of Sensual Preciousness invites you to practice “living as if you are no one’s Enemy.” Living as if you are no one’s Enemy is ground for your experiencing yourself and others as preciously intimate, that is, as precious and Beloved. Earthfolk consciously choose to dwell peacefully and comfortably at-home on the Living Earth, living as if no one’s Enemy.

We Earthfolk were awakened in 1968 by the first snapshot of Earth from outer space. This is the famous picture—Earthrise—which is called the Blue Marble or Spaceship Earth. Our awakening was an unintended consequence of America’s military expedition, that is, the Space Race against the former communist USSR. Once awake we clearly saw that the vision and imagination which dominates the Earth reveals itself through two iconic images, namely, that of the atomic Mushroom Cloud and the militarized Spaceship Earth. This is a vision of the Warrior’s Quest imagination, and it seeks its final and spiritual fulfillment in an apocalyptic End-of-Time catastrophe.

As we awakened, we Earthfolk became acutely aware that humanity is entering a new phase of the ongoing global nuclear war. This is the phase during which nuclear weapons will be used on a small scale or triggered by accidental actions or governmental negligence. It is the phase where one individual, just one person terrified out of their mind and soul by dreadful fear could unleash the End-Time. It is the phase of the nuclear terrorist.

In a curious alignment with the character of this new nuclear phase is our emergence as Earthfolk. We understand and experience that it takes one individual, just one person living as if no one’s Enemy and dwelling peacefully and comfortably at-home on the Living Earth to unleash the vital zest of Sensual Preciousness. In sum, that it takes just you—just you—to transform the Living Earth and the Other as you discover your preciousness, your own Sensual Preciousness.

Icons make visual and graphic the deep seated beliefs, values and emotional bonds of a people. As icons, the Mushroom Cloud and the militarized Spaceship Earth reveal that the dreadful fear which the Atomic Bomb unleashes is the necessary and defining emotion of the Warrior’s Quest. As such, it appears grimly inevitable that the Bomb will be exploded again. We Earthfolk grasp that humans have not only created more nuclear bombs than we can control but that the same Warrior’s Quest imagination which created the Bomb continues to create other weapons which we humans also cannot control—these being sourced in biological, technological and cyber-space devices and inventions.



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