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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Part 2 - Resources

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Origins: The Earthfolk movement arose on December 24, 1968 when all across the globe vast numbers of us were simultaneously awakened by the startling image of the first-ever snapshot of Earth from outer space. This is the famous Earth-rise picture which is called the Blue Marble or Spaceship Earth.

Never before had any person
ever seen this picture of our home!

The image startled us as if from a deep sleep, an ancient slumber. It stirred the core depth of our imagination and set our hearts beating. Instinctively we uttered a primal, "Mother!"

Like a newborn being nestled in her mother's breast,
we felt ourselves as one with our Mother—
we sensed the fullness of Her presence,
we were alive within her loving, life-nurturing embrace.
Our Mother, the Living Earth!

Within Her embrace we gazed up and were amazed and astounded by the
nurturing presence of "Father!"

Our Living Earth Mother and Father
within whose global embrace we are nurtured—
our nurturing parents.




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