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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Leaks: Sources and Inspirations

"In media res," an ancient Latin saying, "Everything starts in the middle of something else!" So has the Earthfolk imagining. As noted, it has been emerging as a movement within movements. As mentioned, there is no "Earthfolk" except as you enter into a nurturing embrace with a Beloved and unleash the vital zest that heals and makes whole the Living Earth. But...everyone comes from somewhere. From within one Big Story or another. From one or several traditions, groups, ideological camps, activist organizations, etc.

An emphasis on the Pathways is that we Earthfolk realized that the Big Stories that collaborated to make fully present the Warrior's Quest vision through creating and dropping the Atomic Bomb could not be re-formed or re-imagined. Many have tried, for millennia.

Our own experience is that when we focus on an aspect of a Big Story that "should" lead to an Earthfolk action, such as honoring the relationship we humans have with all living entities in the vital web of life, we end up validating the Warrior's Quest tradition—a classic "unintended consequence."

For example, no hero, saint, avatar, exemplar, etc., from the Abrahamic tradition has been an effective peacemaker. Certainly, not Jesus of Nazareth, of ancient memory. Nor Martin Luther King, of recent memory. No other Religious Big Story has flowered into a practice of nonviolent peacemaking. Not Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Voodoo, Native American spiritualities, nor even the pagan revival movements of present times. No force—love force, peace force, whatever it might be called—flowing from these movements has stemmed to the slightest degree the Warrior's Quest Lone Male march to creatively imagine, produce and drop the Atom Bomb.



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