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In your rituals you seem to sanction every sexual act?
Since the Abrahamic Biblical tradition sanctions only one sexual act—genital ejaculation for procreation—it is very difficult to have a calm discussion about eroticism. Playboy's Hugh Hefner is the Secular high-priest of what we consider a very impoverished erotic movement—"Free Sex!"—that dominates through and expresses Warrior's Quest values. We find its vision to be that of "mutual masturbation" as sexual fulfillment. In sharp contrast, we discuss "Intending" (on Pathway C).

When you make yourself present to your Beloved through Intending, then, the ritual tools and acts (masks, fellatio, dildos, anal penetration, as well as hand-holding, breathing together, gazing) are quite secondary. You present and creatively employ your body as a ritual instrument of intimacy.

The practices and rituals of sensual preciousness move one away from the violent eroticism of the Abrahamic Book (the abandonment of the feminine in Genesis; being "motherless children"), and are highly sensitive to acts—intentional or otherwise—of abuse on the physical, mental, spiritual and intimate levels.

Internet pornography has provided a venue for every type of sexual act—A to Z. We find most to be anchored in degradation rituals, mostly for women. We accept that legal-age and consenting adults can basically do whatever they want in their private moments—however, this doesn't mean that what they do is acceptable. Any violation of respectful intimacy, for us, is unacceptable. If you sensually immerse yourself in most of these porn sites you begin to clearly sense the deep and pervasive lack of honor and respect for the other as intimate Beloved. We described this as "sex toy intercourse."

The sexual abuse of children is the core theme of the Abrahamic story of origin, Genesis. One sect, the Roman Catholic, has been exposed as a haven for priestly child abusers. They have—so it seems for centuries—made manifest Lone Male sexual dominance in its most savage expression. Their most sacred icon is one that makes child abuse present and manifest.

Clearly, for most people, sexual acts of any kind are unacceptable if they are integral to intimate interactions that dishonor, disrespect, violate and abuse another person.



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