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Why do you describe both the Biblical and Western traditions as a Warrior's Quest culture?

It's as simple an answer as saying, "Because in the Abrahamic Biblical Genesis, it is the Story of Origin which we tell ourselves. It is how we creatively imagine reality to be." But, before that, the more difficult question is, Why do Abrahamics (Secularist and Scientismists) deny that they are a Warrior's Quest culture? Especially in America which has developed the Sacred Secular Civil Religion of this Warrior's Quest culture? Few Americans would say, Yes, we're predatory Warrior's Questers seeking planetary dominion. Why?

Because there seems to be something instinctual which says that being a predatory warrior is being less than we can be as humans. "Be all you can be" is a military recruitment commercial, but as it airs, one can't but sit back and snicker, "Oh yeah!" Like the listener doesn't know that behind the commercial flash is the skull of death. That the commercial is a lie—that as a soldier you are merely collateral damage ("friendly fire").

America and the West are predatory capitalists because they are Warrior's Questers. They believe that "Might makes Right!"—re: Atomic Bombers. And that there should be no end to consumption—in any arena. No boundary that respects nationality, gender, religion, etc. Everything is for the taking. The dominion driven Warrior's Quester lives by raiding, stealing, plundering, raping, kidnapping ... people, property and cultures. Religious Big Stories are, on one hand, cloaks of Holy Righteousness placed over the predatory warrior, when he/she is assured, "God wills it!"

In a horribly humorous way, this "God wills it!"—the "Deus vult!" of the medieval Christian Crusades—is shouted in Arabic today. Abrahamic brethren as they be, the Islamic terrorists are faithful to the shared mythic Biblical stories. Christians, Jews, Islamists—all faithful sons of Abraham. Kin of Cain and Abel engaged in a never-ending fratricidal war. Each dreams the dream of Joshua: leading a scorched Earth campaign in preparation for entering the Promised Land.

All these Abrahamic religious groups, as is the American economy, are war based economies. Historically, each has been and appears will relentlessly ever be. The culture of each cannot answer, "When is enough, enough?" They each share the fundamental belief that, The Earth is not enough! That the Earth is for their God's and their own dominion and domination.



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