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Achieving Belovedness is not a “sure thing.”

It is not the result of mechanical ritual acts or practices. Sometimes two lovers remain so focused upon themselves as a twosome that all they effect is an egoism of two. This type of “love” frequently grows cold as the lovers age. This happens because theirs is an act of two individuals focused on the art of erotically coupling. The language of this sexual egoism of two focuses upon expressing individual pleasure. The question, “Was it good for you?” makes clear that the asker was concerned solely with his or her own pleasure. That in effect they were genitally coupling but seeking to pleasure themselves and not the other.

Neither was communicating during coupling, yet they were aware of the other, even talking—“Baby, you like that?” “Oh, give it to me, Big Boy!”—but they were not communing. Neither offered up their precious presence as one candle to merge with the other’s precious presence. In short, they “fucked.” Such coupling describes the act of mutual masturbation.

An Earthfolk image apt for the intimate moment within a nurturing embrace is the Other as food. There is no better quantity and quality metaphor for vital zest than that of the savory delights of food. Preciousness is a nourishing moment. When you feel Beloved, when your preciousness has been celebrated, when you are awed by that most human of moments—that of coupled intimacy—you feel larger, fuller, filled-up by the Other. You’ve probably heard yourself say, “I could eat you up you are so delicious!” That’s feeding on precious vital zest.

What flows between intimate beloveds is energy like but more than electric—Snap! Crackle! Pop! It is not merely the physically erotic energy released through the athletic wildness of youthful lust and “blind love”— being sizzlin’! (Heart thumping. Forehead beading. Gasping breaths. Flickering flames licking up and around, in and out of every body part. Whew!) No, that’s fine—that usually makes for a good, fun time, at eighteen or eighty!



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