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Intending the Forever-Family

As beloveds you are faced with the coupling question, “What should we intend?”

In the Abrahamic biblical tradition, you are not situated as a creator, rather, as a derivative and subordinated presence for whom the question is, “What does God intend for me?” The answer, as recalled from rote Roman Catholic catechetical Q & A, is, “To know, love and serve Him in this world and to be happy with Him forever in heaven.” Biblical intention, then, requires that you pay attention to yourself—your soul—and not bother with other humans. You are directed to focus on your relationship with the Lone Male Father.

Sensual preciousness answers the question quite differently as it frames the question, itself, as a couple's question. Our answer is, "We Intend the Forever-Family."

Through Intending to Comfort, you and your beloved accept your inestimable coupled self-worth, and you two begin to sense that you are so worthy because you make present and manifest the preciousness of the Forever-Family.

Your inestimable worth is that of being the Living Earth's Mother and Father—parents of Life's children. From within your coupled and parenting nurturing embrace you make present the Forever-Family, here, meaning that-of-you-coupled through which as couple you are present to the Past and move into the Future.

All that beloveds are is all who have been who have parented the Living Earth.
that beloveds will be is all who come from those you have embraced in coupled co-creative imagining.
As beloveds, you are now a cauldron of precious intimacy and vital zest, to be
and to be a stirrer.

Continue—Intending the Obliterated Womb



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