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Table of Contents


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Intending the Obliterated Womb

Since the Warrior's Quest seeks to exert global dominion through the suppression and enslavement of the feminine, Intending the Obliterated Womb is an act of consciously willing to make sensually present Her, the Goddess, our Mother. It is an act of memory, of recalling Her whose presence was visibly obliterated from Genesis—where there is no Mother Goddess and only "motherless children."

Genesis is the willing-into-forgetfulness of Her, that is, the Obliteration of the Womb. Earthfolk consciously remember and evoke the presence of the Obliterated Womb as part of our practice of making Her womb present once again.

Intending the Obliterated Womb pivots upon creatively imagined acts of memory and remembering.

Since we all are still in great part Warrior's Quest males and females, this Intending calls the beloveds to be bold and courageous as we creatively imagine what we have neveruntil this practice—ever experienced!

Intending the Obliterated Womb evokes the horror and deep sadness of being a
"motherless child."

How then to creatively imagine being our
"mother's child"



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