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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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On Pathway C—Belover, we Earthfolk extend to you an invitation to practice rituals of sensual preciousness.

We seek to live as the Living Earth’s folk. The Living Earth is us. We are manifestations, presences of the Living Earth. We are its consciousness, its imagining; one of its seed and flower. The Living Earth is our home.

Earth and folk. The word "Earthfolk" is an oxymoron to the followers of the three Big Stories that were explored on Pathways A and B. As explained, in those Big Stories full human meaning is imagined as a “life” after death, above the Earth, in an eternal paradise. Or, in a super or supra-human state. Or, imagined as meaningless. Time will end, and the Earth will disappear, blow apart or be burned up.

The Warrior’s Quest is the term we use to define the vision that is
common to and links the three Big Stories. It is a very
and frightening Quest.

Its tradition is grounded in an imagination that states that there is only one Creator god who is alienated from humans. He is a Lone Male god without female mate. He is said to have created the world from “nothing.” Females are derivative humans. They are created (not born) from the flesh of males. Suffering is the lot of humans. Only those Chosen will be “saved.”

Ceaseless physical and spiritual warfare is waged against the Other: variously named as evil one, devil, Lucifer, “The Enemy.” The Scientism and Secular Big Stories present variations on this theme. They are differences of degree, not of kind.



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