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Preciousness is made present as you see and sense the special uniqueness of the Other.

Often you find yourself using the word “precious” to describe children. They have a certain innocence about them which enables you to see them discover the world and themselves. You watch a young child play with alphabet blocks. You’ve been saying, “This is A. A is for Apple”—there is an apple image on the block. You’ve done this a thousand times, and then, at a special moment, the child shows the block to you and says, “A is for Apple.” At such a moment you are delighted, tickled pink, and you want to rush off and tell someone else, “Hey, Addie just said, A is for Apple”—as if she deserves a Nobel Prize.

Such a moment is precious because you shared in a
rare self-disclosure
and opening of the child's
human sense of wonder. It was a
“we” experience, not just something the child did on her own.

To make present preciousness, Earthfolk feel, at times, that humans should throw away their names. This would require asking someone, Who are you? What makes you special so that I can remember you? Such questions would lead to opening the Other’s preciousness to you.

Consider how you and your intimate Other share preciousness, right now. Or, Do you? Could you jot down what is precious about your lover? Would you feel comfortable calling and being called Beloved? How would you advise your intimate Other to approach you so that you’d feel comfortable enough to share your preciousness?



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