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Ritual living is centered around the practice of sensual immersion.

The five common senses of touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing can become, individually and combined, ways to sensually immerse and so break through to that ecstatic heartfelt "more" which so many desire.

Through Earthfolk rituals which
imagine and image the Other as precious,
each sense opens to the fuller sensual preciousness of the Beloved.

Practically, Earthfolk became aware that they could
only learn, know and fully be
through sensual immersion, that is,
through opening to express and receive preciousness
within a nurturing embrace.

For example, Earthfolk practice "living as if I am no one's enemy" through a ritual of inviting.

Inviting is a relational act, not something which can be experienced solo.

Although you begin the practice by first becoming aware of your own particular presence here on Earth, by becoming aware and honoring yourself as one who sees, hears, smells, tastes and touches, you do so to prepare yourself to be seen, heard, etc. The objective is to activate your senses so that the human sense emerges, that is, the simultaneous sense of yourself as both specifically individual and as a communal member of the Forever-Family.



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