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Table of Contents


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Intending to Worship

Intending to Comfort is the emotional ground for preparing to initiate other rituals. The ultimate comforted presence to be evoked through all rituals is that of the worshipping moment. This is the instant of breakthrough to the sense of thirdness, of the two beloveds as freshly One. It is that ecstatic moment when two flames merge to flare as One.

Intending to Worship is a practical way of filling your day with expectation of your beloved. What you anticipate when you Intend to Worship is what you savor from your past coupled acts or rituals. Intending to Worship is lingering in the memory of ritual ecstasy. It is reliving through sensual memory the deep sensuality of the nurturing embrace. As you look at a picture of your beloved your hands are caressed by the touch of her. As you inhale the fragrance of flowers which he has sent, you taste the deliciousness of his tongue upon your cheek. So it goes, throughout the day!

You recall rituals because rituals are consciously designed and enacted sensory performances. Rituals are the necessary preparations for that transcending and transforming moment called worship. Worship is that Flash! when two beloveds flow together into a newborn presence. One cannot worship alone. Nor can one worship an Other without that Other’s invitation and intentional participation. Without mutual invitation and intention “worship” becomes idolatry as seen, e.g., in Hollywood screen idols or Rock ‘n Roll stars or Playboy Playmates.

Intending to Worship seeks to sustain the worshipping Flash! You Intend to Worship when physically or communicatively separate so as to avoid an “egoism of two.” That is, you seek to remain within the nurturing and parenting moment which worship is. It is nurturing in that it unleashes the dynamic nuclear intimate energy—vital zest—which nourishes the personal relationship of the two who are intimate beloveds, each for the other.



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