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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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Part 2 - Resources

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Warrior's Quest rituals. Earthfolk trace the interconnectedness between the three Big Stories that express and make present the practices of the Warrior's Quest vision. These are the Abrahamic, Scientism and Secular Big Stories. While their traditional stories—such as the Abrhamic mythic stories of origin in Genesis, the Scientism Big Bang story of origin, and the "there is no sacred or profane space" Secular story—vary in their narrarives, four themes course through each Big Story and collectively result in the creation of the initial ritual of the Nuclear Age, the creative imagining and production of the atomic bomb.

It is the Secular vision that has made "it" happen
We are living in the End Time.
The era is apocalyptic.

To creatively imagine the atomic bomb, the Abrahamics and Scientismists
their precious spaces and hallowed halls of academia. They traveled and
formed new communities that were planned, constructed and secured by the

In this militarized Secular space the
four common
Big Story themes became
operational guidelines
, and formed the seeds which
in the initial ritual of the Age of Darkness—
the imgaining,
then creation,
then production,
then dropping of the
nuclear Atomic Bomb.



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