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Part 1 - Pathways


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Table of Contents


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1. Emotion of dreadful fear

When first examined Scientism is not usually described as sourced in any emotion. Yet, since it roots its Big Story in facts determined by the scientific method, it also presumes and assumes the emotion which is the basis for “being scientific.” This is the emotion required to achieve a value-free, impersonal objectivity.

This objectivity is not simply an intellectual posture of reasoned skepticism, it is also a discipline of seeking complete emotional detachment. In this respect, the scientific method is sourced in an emotion which seeks to be absolutely impersonal and non-relational. It is “value free,” which means that it is not tainted by any subjectivity of values or emotions. The Scientismist seeks to acheive a state of emotionlessness.

For most people, this scientific posture and emotion of detachment appears to be a practice of no great import. However, Earthfolk highlight it because it is the source from which arise the core Scientism icons of the Mushroom Cloud and Starship Earth. The telling act and fact is that Scientism had a direct hand in developing the vision of militarizing outer space, both in terms of populating other planets and in creating a "Star Wars" defensive shield girdling the Earth. Scientism remains the driving force that melds the space race with the arms race.

At its core, Scientism makes present the Warrior’s Quest nuclear dreadful emotion of Poof!

Not unexpectedly, Earthfolk’s emphasis on the creation of the Atom Bomb as the emotional blossom of the scientific revolution is not widely shared. Many scientists and Scientismists would point to other findings and discoveries, but for Earthfolk, “The proof is in the pudding,” in this respect.

It is difficult for Earthfolk to imagine what is more awesome
than creatively imagining and producing a weapon which can vaporize
a person and reduce him to a “no emotion” state of atomic lifelessness
an act that simply evokes dreadful fear from every human heart.

Continue—Scientism—Identifies and names the Other as Intimate Enemy


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